Programme Educational Objectives

Department of Civil Engineering


                       PEO1   –   Apply Civil engineering knowledge in the related areas and stay in the forefront of highly competitive
                                         professional world.

                       PEO2   –   Capable to analyze, design, construct, maintain and rehabilitate all civil engineering structures for
                                         the society without compromising on monetary, environmental, ecological and society responsibilities

                       PEO3   –   Acquire, generate, understand and manipulate experimental data, model making and testing and develop
                                         mathematical models related to Civil engineering throughout professional practice

                       PEO4   –   Ability to function seamlessly in multi-disciplinary teams with team spirit and self-motivation

                       PEO5   –   Ability to identify, formulate, analyze and solve real life, experimental and theoretical problems in Civil
                                         engineering and allied areas

                       PEO6   –   Exhibit ethical values, social obligations and responsibilities using engineering techniques, modern tools
                                         and plants in the field of civil engineering for the betterment of the society.