Programme Educational Objectives

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering


                       PEO1   –   Prepare students to excel in their chosen career through holistic education.

                       PEO2   –   Integrate fundamentals and up-to-date approaches derived from engineering sciences and practise to
                                         accomplish professional development in a responsive and innovative manner.

                       PEO3   –   Prepare students for innovative design, simulation, development, implementation and testing of hardware
                                         and software components to offer solutions to real time problems.

                       PEO4   –   To demonstrate effective communication skills, instill the ability to perform either individually or as
                                         part of a team, who have embraced lifelong learning values for continuous, self and professional or
                                         career development.

                       PEO5   –   To inculcate ethical and moral behavior with social responsibilities to students.