Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology has started in the year 1990. Today, 25 glorious years after the founding of TPGIT , alumni remain as engaged and connected to the College as ever.

More than 4,000 alumni come here without fail every year to connect and interact each other, share their valuable thoughts and learn and to be updated. Alumni Association and Volunteers have a special role in making this event successful every year.

It’s really good to spare some of your valuable time to attend the association and it’s really meaningful and worthy.

We provide this also as a great opportunity for our current students to meet the alumni who are the professionals and get their thoughts and nourish their knowledge and network.

Our Mission:

This new service for alumni will help you to stay in touch with your College and other TPGITians, wherever you are in the world. The purpose of the Alumni event is increasing and enhancing engagement amongst its global network of alumni.

With this event, it’s easier to advance your career, set up social events and help TPGIT students and fellow alumni. Continue the learning experience through Alumni.Our mission is to enrich your alumni experience and help you foster beneficial relationships in the TPGIT community.