Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurship Development Cell of TPGIT was started in 2019. The cell has several goals for developing student’s employable and entrepreneurship skills.

The Cell conducts several workshops, carrier guidance seminars, webinars for providing knowledge to the young minds in the field of Science, Engineering, Carrier guidance, Self-development etc. It also motivates several groups of students to send research proposal to different funding agencies like MSME IVP –voucher A, CSIR, DST etc. Besides, our entrepreneurship platform encourages and helps students to take part in the inter-college competitions like design contest programs, paper presentations, Quiz competitions, etc. and students received appreciation certificates and prizes.

Through our institution’s EDP Cell, a team of TPGIT students sent to train under Tamil Nadu Government Bus Depot to apply and implement some of their innovative ideas such as an investigation on the performance of novel pneumatic braking system in the real life problem.  Our students are optimistic and curious to register under UDYAM.  At present, some of our EDP members are working to develop a protocol (A hybrid smart and remotely controlling vehicle for risqué management system-Droship) to participate Smart India Hackathon 2022.

Coordinator : Prof.K.Sakthikumar,M.Sc.,B.Ed.,

Principal: Dr.P.K.Palani,B.E.(HONS),M.E.,Ph.D.,

Vice-Principal: Dr.J.Sreerambabu,Ph.D.,PDF.,