The Aim of running hostels to provide a homely environment for the students. The hostel atmosphere certainly provides self-confidence and instills discipline in the minds of students and provides scope for the ideal, harmonious living to enable them to share joys of camaraderie, fellowship and professional fraternity.Self – help and self – reliance and a spirit of accommodation for the common good are some of the virtues expected from the inmates. The senoir students are excepted to be more responsible and set a good examples for the juniors and everyone shall uphold and dignity, self-respect and reputation of every other student.

The Principal is the Warden of the hostels. The hostel has an Associated Warden, a Deputy Warden(Boys and Girls) and a Residential Tutor. Deputy Warden is in-charge of amenities in the hostel and discipline concerned Residential Tutor is in-charge of administration,accounts and purchase.

The members belonging to the hostel elect themselves one general representative,one representative for the mess pertaining to day-to-day functioning of the hostels.

The Associate Warden and thee student representatives,with the approval of the Warden will decide on the matters pertaining to day-to-day functioning of the hostels.