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Assistant Professor

Master of Computer Applications




Dedicated and experienced College Professor with more than 10 years of experience serving as a Assistant Professor in the Computer Applications department of Thanthai Periyar Govt Institute of Technology. Adapt at working with students to successfully prepare them for personal and professional success in today’s world and Making students placed in Top MNC IT companies. A committed faculty member, passionate about working to further enhance the educational offerings of an institution.


Ph.D. (Pursing Ph.D in Anna University)

MCA (Master of Computer Applications) College of Ganadipathy Tulis Jain Engineering College, 2012

BCA (Bachelor of Compute Applications) College of C Abdul Hakeem College,2007


Worked as Trainer Officer at I-Process India Private Limited, July 2007 – June 2009.



Object Oriented Programming & Lab

Database Management System & Lab

Data Structure & Lab

Problem Solving and Programming

Embedded System

Operating System

Web Programming Essentials & Lab

Computer Programming & Lab

Technical Seminar Report writing

Software Testing & Lab

Computer Network

Resource Management Techniques

Accounting and Financial Management

Software Project Management

Cloud Computing Technologies

Internet of Things

Mobile Applications Development & Lab

Python Programming & Lab

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies


Journal Papers:

1.Yield Prediction and Reaping Recommendation System using Machine Learning, Volume 10, Issue VIII, 2321-9653, August 2022.

2.Online Examination Hall Seating Arrangement, Volume 10,Issue VIII,2321-9653,August 2022

3.Traffic prediction for intelligent transportation system using Machine Learning, Volume 10,Issue VIII,2321-9653,August 2022

4.Non contact heart rate monitoring using machine learning, Volume 10,Issue VIII,2321-9653,August 2022

5.Detection of a leaf Disease in real time using machine learning and android, Volume 10,Issue VIII,2321-9653,August 2022

6.Speed,direction,color and type identification of NHAI expansions using deep learning, Volume 10,Issue VIII,2321-9653,August 2022

7.Primary Healthcare data management system for Pregnancy Women, Volume 10,Issue VIII,2321-9653,August 2022

8.Clipboard Monitoring for Data Loss Prevention, Volume 4 Issue, Aug 2017

Conference papers:

A Paper Presented Title Is “Forecasting Crop Production Based On Soil Data And Detection Of Diseases Using Machine Learning “ At National Conference On Electrical And Instrumentation Systems (Nceis’22) 


Seminars/Workshop/Conferences Organized

“DBMS2013”- A Ten days Workshop Conducted by IIT – Bombay in June ‘2013

“Analog and Digital Electronics” – A Ten days Workshop Conducted by IIT –Karagpur in June ‘2013

“Faculty Development Program-A Six Days Workshop Conducted by IIT – Bombay in 2017.

“Faculty Development Program-A Five Days Workshop Conducted by Infosys @ Mahindra City Chennai

Department Level

MCA association incharge

MCA department purchase incharge

Faculty Advisor – MCA 2012 – 2015 Batch

Faculty Advisor – MCA 2015 – 2018 Batch

Faculty Advisor – MCA 2019 – 2022 Batch