Faculty Profile

Dr. D. Babu

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics




Research Areas:

Stochastic Processes; Geometric Processes; Partial Product Processes


Ph.D. (Mathematics), Tiruvalluvar University,Vellore, Sep 2020.

M.Phil (Mathematics), Pachaiyappas College, Chennai, Aug 2006.

M.Sc.(Mathematics), Pachaiyappas College, Chennai, Apr 2005.

B.Sc.(Mathematics), Pachaiyappas College, Chennai, Apr 2003.


NET(JRF), CSIR, Dec 2010.


Associate Professor, Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology Vellore, since Nov 2022.

Assistant Professor, Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology Vellore from May 2017 to Oct 2022.

Assistant Professor, Government College of Engineering Bodinayakkanur from Sep 2015 to Apr 2017.

Assistant Professor, Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology Vellore from Jul 2011 to Aug 2015.

Assistant Professor, Government College of Engineering Bargur from Mar 2008 to Jun 2011.

Lecturer, Sri Sankara Arts and Science College Kanchipuram from Jun 2007 to Feb 2008.



Matrices & Calculus (UG)

Statistics & Numerical Methods (UG)

Transforms & Partial Differential Equations (UG)

Probability & Random Processes (UG)

Probability & Queuing Theory (UG)

Discrete Mathematics (UG)

Engineering Mathematics I & II (UG)

Random Processes and Linear Algebra (UG)

Numerical Methods (UG)

Applied Mathematics for Electronics Engineers (PG)

Applied Probability and Statistics for Manufacturing Engineering (PG)

Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science (PG)



Journal Papers:

1.Babu, D. (2023). A maintenance model for a deteriorating system under random environment using partial product process, TWMS J. App. and Eng. Math. Vol.13(3), 836-849.

2.Babu, D., Sutha, M., Neelakandan, R., & Elumalai, P. (2023). Properties of Partial Product Processes, Statistics and Applications, Vol. 21, 181–187.

3.Babu, D., Manigandan, C., & Parvatham, R. (2020). A Deteriorating System Maintenance Model with Imperfect Delayed Repair Under Partial Sum Process, Stochastic Modeling and Applications, Vol. 24(2), 111-119.

4.Babu, D., Govindaraju, P., & Rizwan, U. (2019). A δ-shock maintenance model for a deteriorating system with imperfect delayed repair under partial product process. J. Math. Comput. Sci., Vol. 9(5), 571-581.

5.Babu, D., Govindaraju, P., & Rizwan, U. (2019). A Maintenance Model for a Deteriorating System with Imperfect Delayed Repair under Partial Product Process, Journal of Applied Science and Computations, Vol. 6(4), 795-800.

6.Rizwan, U., Govindaraju, P., & Babu, D. (2018). An Extended Extreme Shock Maintenance Model for a Deteriorating System Under Partial Product Process. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 13(16), 12597-12601.

7.Govindaraju, P., Babu, D., & Rizwan, U. (2018). Geometric and Partial Product Processes and a Univariate Maintenance Model, International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews, Vol. 5(3), 747-754.

8.Babu, D., Govindaraju, P., & Rizwan, U. (2018). Partial Product Processes and replacement problem, International Journal of Current Advanced Research, 7(1), 139-142.

Conferences attended:

1.International Conference on Mathematical Applications, Sacred Heart College(Autonomous), Tiruppatur, 27-01-2017 to 28-01-2017.

2.International Seminar on Emerging Trends in Mathematics, VIT University, Vellore, 29-03-2018 to 31-03-2018.

3.National Conference on Applied Mathematics and its applications, Sacred Heart College(Autonomous), Tiruppatur, 06-02-2019 to 07-02-2019.


Topper in “Introduction to Biostatistics”, “Descriptive Statistics with R Software” and “Data Science for Engineers” courses conducted by NPTEL-SWAYAM.


Seminars/Workshop/Conferences Attended

UGC sponsored Refresher Course in Statistics and its applications, Bhathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli, 10-05-2012 to 30-05-2012.

Two-week ISTE workshop on “Introduction to Research Methodolgies”, IIT Bombay(A-View), 25.06.2012 to 04.07.2012.

Two-day ISTE workshop on “ Aakash for Education”, IIT Bombay(A-View), 10.11.2012 to 11.11.2012.

Faculty Development Programme on “Probability and Queuing Theory”,Anna University, 30.11.2012 to 06.12.2012.

TEQIP-II sponsored one week FDP on “Recent Advancements in Mathematics and their applications to Engineering Innovations”, GCE Bargur, 07.02.2013 to 13.02.2013.

Two-week ISTE Workshop on “Database Management Systems”, IIT Bombay(A-View), 21.05.2013  to 31.05.2013.

Two-week ISTE Workshop on “Engineering Mechanics”, IIT Bombay(A-View), 26.11.2013  to 06.12.2013.

Two-week ISTE Workshop on “Signals & Systems”, IIT Kharagpur (A-View), 02.01.2014  to 12.01.2014.

Two-week ISTE Workshop on “Control Systems”, IIT Kharagpur (A-View), 02.12.2014  to 12.12.2014.

Two-week ISTE Workshop on “Environmental Studies”, IIT Kharagpur (A-View), 02.06.2015 to 12.06.2015.

Two-week ISTE Workshop on “CMOS, Mixed Signal and Radio drequency VLSI Design”, IIT Kharagpur (A-View).

AICTE FDP on “Foundation Program in ICT for Education”, IIT Kharagpur (A-View).

Training Programme on “Human Rights”, Anna Institute of Management, Tamilnadu, 07.02.2017 to 08.02.2017.

NITTR sponsored FDP on “ How to write Thesis or Research Paper”, TPEVR polytechnic college vellore, 07.01.2019 to 11.01.2019.

NPTEL-AICTE(SWAYAM) FDP on “Introduction to Biostatistics”, July-2019 to Sep-2019(online).

SPIU, CIT Coimbatore FDP on “Design, Develop and Deliver online courses through MOODLE platform”, 23.04.2020 to 24.04.2020.

Industrial Training – “Basic science and communications” , BSNL Vellore, 08.06.2020 to 26.06.2020.

NPTEL-AICTE(SWAYAM) FDP on “Descriptive Statistics with R software”, Feb-2020 to Apr-2020 (online).

NPTEL-AICTE(SWAYAM) FDP on “Statistical Inference”, Jan-2020 to Mar-2020 (online).

NPTEL-AICTE(SWAYAM) FDP on “Data Science for Engineers”, Jul-2021 to Sep-2021 (online).

AICTE FDP on “ Inculcating Universal Human Values in Technical Education”, 13.09.2021 to 17.09.2021(online).

Invited Talk:

1.Seminar on “Statistics and Numerical methods”, P.T.Lee Chegalvaraya Naicker College of Engineering and Technology, Kanchipuram, 23rd Jun 2023.

2.TEQIP-III sponsored Students Training Programme on “Numerical Methods for Electrical Engineers”, 20th Feb 2020.


Institute Level

Deputy Warden (Apr 2022 onwards)

Residential Tutor for Boys Hostels ( Jan 2012 to Aug 2015 and May 2017 to Oct 2020)

Member – Graduation Day Committee

Member – Stock Verification Committee

Member – Admission Committee

Nodal officer – Prime Minister Special Scholarship Scheme(J & K) students.

Staff In charge – SB Collect.

Anna University Representative and Squad for Exams (2011 onwards)

Department Level

Staff In-charge – Time table & Result Analysis.

Head of the Department – Nov 2022 onwards

Faculty Advisor – (2008 onwards) B.E